Let's scale your 6-figure ecom store to $2-4M/y in 2 years or less.

We partner with 6-figure e-commerce stores and transform them into 7-8 figure brands with a fat bottom line.

Free cash flow or profitless growh?

We don't only focus on scaling your ad spend and revenue. We scale your cash flow while focusing on long-term brand growth.  And with a limited client roster, we must be picky in who we choose to work with, and only take clients when we are certain we can bring results.

Scale Faster, Be Profitable

Scale faster & increase profitability at the same time. On average, our clients experience these numbers within three months of working with us:


Increase in client’s monthly revenue


Improvement of return on ad spend (ROAS)


Decrease in acquisition cost


We are a part of your team

We decrease your workload, scale your business, and increase your profitability.


We learn everything about your products and customers.

Tracking & Analytics

We ensure a proper tracking setup, and analyze your past metrics.

Creative Strategy

Creative roadmap and implementation. Image ads, video ads, UGC.

Paid Advertising

We optimize and scale your Facebook and Google ads.

Email & Customer Retention

We set up/optimize your email flows, and craft your email campaigns.

CRO Consulting

We consult you on best practices for website conversion improvements.

Free 15-Minute Demo Call

Free 15-Minute Demo Call

By the end of the 15-minute call, you will have a clear understanding of the actionable steps you can take to start scaling your online business profitably.


Vukimedia Demo call

15 min

Web conferencing details providedupon confirmation.

A short, 15-minute call to evaluate your business and see if we are a good fit to work together. We will only take clients when we are certain we can bring results.

Perfect for

E-commerce store owners looking to scale their revenue and monthly cash flow simultaneously.

E-commerce store owners looking to maximize their website conversion rate and average order value.

E-commerce store owners looking for long-term brand growth and recognition.

E-commerce store owners looking for a reliable growth partner that makes them a priority.


Case Studies

From 22k/mo to 150k/mo in just under 7 months with a 5.39 average ROAS. 

Thank you Vuki for your professionalism. Helped me generate 7 figures in sales and he is always working to continue to build growth because standing still is not an option. Looking forward to working on more projects.

M. M.

E-Commerce Store Owner

34k/mo to 159k/mo within 8 months with a 4.45 average ROAS.

Vuki is always on top of things. As soon as there is a problem or a bottleneck somewhere, he will notice and pull the right strings to get it sorted as soon as possible. Rarely does he let emotion take over and he always lets the statistics lead rather than personal feeling. His hunger for improvement never stops as he is always thinking about the next steps.

Y. N.

E-Commerce Store Owner

From 38k/mo to stable 300k/mo within 11 months with a average 4.68 ROAS.

Vuki Media didn't only make me a lot of money in terms of high revenue with a high ROAS, it also became a huge help in optimising every process which had the potential to be optimised. These optimisations resulted in a higher conversion % which results in higher profit.

M. S.

E-Commerce Store Owner

Take action

Profitably scale your brand to multiple 7 figures without having to spend your time learning from out-of-date courses by self-proclaimed marketing gurus, or handling your store’s responsibility to an irresponsible agency.

Have A General Inquiry?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at: contact@vukimedia.com